Tax Incentives and Reliefs

The government and HMRC have, over the years, introduced many tax incentives and reliefs for businesses undertaking creative or innovative work in science and technology to encourage invention and innovation. Unfortunately not many of these businesses are aware of the huge financial benefits that they could be entitled to. Having Sigma on your side will allow you maximise these benefits by having a qualified accountant guide you through what is available, if you qualify to applying.

Claiming Research and Development (R&D) reliefs, maximising Capital Allowances, Patent Box, Business Rates Relief through to applying for Charitable status our experts are on hand to successfully manage your claim and ensure the process is as stress free as possible.

We tailor our approach to each business providing a bespoke view on what is available, beneficial and most importantly right for you. Not only can this save you money but can give you access to funding to take your business to the next level through incentivised investment schemes such as EIS, SEIS, SIPs and EMIs.

Our tax incentives and reliefs services include:

  • Reviewing and applying relevant costs to R&D claims
  • R&D Advanced Assurance applications
  • Preparation of relevant reports and submissions for HMRC
  • Capital Allowance reviews, applications and advice
  • Patent Box Returns
  • Rates Relief applications
  • Applying for charitable status with HMRC
  • Advice on investment schemes to raise capital 
  • Dealing with HMRC from start to finish including all correspondence and record keeping

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